Work With Me

There are a few different ways you can access what I do right now:

  • Subscribe to my  YouTube Channel
  • Sign up for my newsletter (look to the right!).  Your e-mail address is never sold or passed on to others, and I promise not to spam you with newsletter updates.

Both of those are free resources for you to use on your own time, at your own pace.

If you’re interested in doing some direct, and potentially more structured work together I’ve got a few different options available.

  • Focused sessions, which deal with a singular specific block/problem are 30 mins.
  • Regular sessions, which provide more time to get into the general stuff you want to work on in your life are 1 hour.
  • Monthly packages, which are a combination of Regular sessions, focused sessions and e-mail combined in a mix that keeps you focused and accountable.  If you are new to working with me, this is most likely what I”ll recommend.

Focused sessions can be done via telephone, skype, or in person.  Regular sessions can be conducted through skype or in person.  Discounts are available for multiple prebooked single sessions.

Wondering if sexuality empowerment coaching is the right move for you?  Personally, I think everyone can use someone to talk about their sexuality, but I recognize that not all issues are best suited to the counsel I offer.   You might be ideally suited for this if you:

  • feel disconnected from your desire
  • know your desires – but feel like you can’t make them happen
  • lack confidence in going after what you want
  •  are stuck in feelings of sexual shame
  • are exploring something new and simply want a knowledgeable confidant to talk to about this part of your life
  • Know that something is wrong, but can’t figure out what
  • Feel pressure to have a sexual life you don’t want
  • Are unsure of what healthy sexuality looks like in your life

I want to help you break past your gatekeepers, your shoulds, and your shame so you can live your life from a place of authentic sexual expression and overall empowerment.

Ethically, I don’t think it would be right for me to continue seeing you as a client if I don’t think I can offer anything to assist in your growth.  However, I am likely able to make recommendations on some next steps for you to take, so I encourage you to reach out via e-mail ( or using the contact form.  Even if we don’t work together, taking control of your sexual authenticity is a big step in your personal empowerment!

I look forward to hearing from you 🙂