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Are you Connecting?

Too often we shove our sexuality aside in favour of other pursuits.  We tell ourselves sexuality, relationships, desire – none of these things are as important as our education, careers, our time with our families, friends, or our hobbies – but we’re wrong.  Human sexuality exists as a core part of our lives, and how we relate to that core  reflects outward into the rest of our lives.  If we’re insecure in our relationships, that insecurity will bleed out to our jobs.  If we’re shamed or feeling shame about our sexual desires, we’ll carry that into the relationships we enter.  If we’re struggling with guilt over the couldda, woulda shoulda?

You guessed it – it all leaks out.

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Now flip that –  can you imagine what your world would look like if you were comfortably rooted in your sexual identity, your relationship style – and yes, if you were having the sex you wanted to be having?

Together we can create a non-judgmental space where you can have honest conversations about your sexuality.  I don’t promise to make an easy space – working on yourself can be scary, but it will be warm, safe, and completely confidential.



I don’t have an agenda for your sexuality; I want to hear yours.  Whether you’re looking to:

  • connect with your erotic imagination,
  • explore in a new relationship,
  • work through past shame or guilt,
  • increase your confidence, or
  • get permission to follow your desires,
  • recognize and move forward from unhealthy or ineffective patterns in your relationships

My job is to help you discover and meet your own personal definition of sexual success.  Come work with me.