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Working with Heather allowed me to bring some themes to light that I hadn’t noticed before. With her objective and knowledgeable approach, I felt really comfortable, and able to discuss situations or ideas without feeling judged or awkward. I feel like after the sessions, I was able to explore new ideas with my partner, as well as give thought to aspects of myself that I hadn’t fully thought of earlier.

By talking about sexuality in a pragmatic way, I felt like the subject was demystified and took away from any  apprehension that can come with it.   At no point did I feel like there was any judgement, and it felt more like hashing out ideas with an old friend than with a coach.

– Dan C.  North York.

Working with Heather has made such a huge difference in my life, my marriage and my overall happiness.  After our very first meeting I knew Heather’s belief that everything in your life connects together to make us satisfied and fulfilled was resonating with me.  I had a very happy marriage, but I felt like our sex life was that one missing link to make it better than happy – to make it complete. 
As we live at a distance from each other, Heather has been very accommodating in allowing us to meet over Skype.  In each of our sessions she has forced me out of my comfort zone just enough to make me focus on what It is that I want and figure out what my goals and are how to reach them.  The process of talking through what my desires were, which might seem like a simple thing, was such a turning point for me.  It was like someone unlocked a door in my head somewhere and gave me permission to think of myself as a sexual person!  And it has not been all deep chats and heavy topics – we have had some very funny moments that have made me giggle and realize that this is a fun thing to work on!
Heather has a warm and welcoming personality that allows me to say and ask things that I wouldn’t want to necessarily talk about with friends or my partner.  She is frank but kind, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.  I know that she is not just thinking about the people she works with during meetings – she is wondering about you and thinking of topics and guidance in between meetings as well.  You can just see that she really does care!
While all of this is still very new to me, I feel like I have made huge progress already.  Heather is giving me the tools I need to really work on making sexuality and my desires an important and successful part of my life and marriage.  My partner and I are already so much closer to each other, and we are having so much fun working on our “homework”!
D,  Virginia
I came across Heather’s offer of sexual empowerment coaching sessions quite by chance and had an immediate gut reaction: this was the kind of help I needed to reconnect with my sexuality. Heather made me feel comfortable right from the start, acknowledging and thanking me for my openness and willingness to share vulnerability around the issues I was dealing with. I felt respected and heard. Through out our work together she suggested numerous tools that I could use to assess and deal with my fears surrounding physical intimacy. I learned to recognize patterns in my behaviour and the consequences of my actions and in-actions, as well as ways I could exercise more control over desired outcomes. Now, I feel better prepared to physically connect with others in a meaningful and safe way that is still true to me. 

I found Heather to be helpful, insightful, honest, kind, non-judgmental, funny and trust worthy. She is just a lovely person to chat about matters of the heart and flesh with.