Closure Checklist – 10 things you can do right now to start moving yourself forward from that relationship you’re still hanging onto.

Creating Concepts:  What’s Safer Mean to You? – Getting ready to go exploring your sexuality?  Start by expanding your ideas about what safety truly encompasses.

Conversations on Consent:  Further Resources and Reading slide – websites, books, and people talking the things you want to know about how to do consent even better.

Sexuality Mind Map with Audio – Sexuality as a concept is about a lot more than just sex.  This clip includes a voice over talking about the concepts shown in the mind-map picture and how they related.

Sexuality Mind Map Without Audio – PDF of sexuality mind-map only



My Favourite Sex Toy Shops – wonder where I get my goods? Looking for stores you can trust to be non judgement, welcoming and helpful in your explorations?  Definitely check this post out.