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Have you Seen my Mojo?

Despite you may believe, it’s normal to lose interest in sex from time to time.  Whether you’re sick of the search to find compatible partners, going through a crisis time in your life, or another reason completely…sometimes we lose connection with our sexuality.

But now that you recognize it – how do you fix it?  I’ve got some ideas for you….


Q &A: Talking about Talkin’Bout Sex

Communication.  Tell your partner what you want and need.  Ask for your pleasure.  Sounds good in theory, but if you aren’t used to talking about sex it can be really challenging in practice.  This week’s question deals with exactly that.  Talking to people about sex!

Q&A – What’s Your Fantasy?

So your lover wants to hear your fantasy…but you don’t have any to share?  I’ve got some tips that can help with that!

Learn more about Barbara Carrellas and Ecstasy is Necessary here:

Q&A Eff Feelings – I just wanna have sex!


Happy #AdultSexEdMonth!

While I’m great at getting these video’s up to my YouTube channel, I’ve been less great at getting them up here.    So let’s catch you up.


June is Adult Sex Education month, which loosely translates to a whack of people putting together fantastic articles, stories, podcasts, blogs, answering question, graphs, comics, and tips directed at keeping adults educated in sex and sexuality.

Wanna see what I’m doing?  Check out my first two contributions behind the cut 😉 Read More→

Hook Up Culture Leaving you Hollow?

This week’s topic was inspired by Donna Fretias’s book  The End of Sex and it’s covereage CBC radio show Ontario Today.  It makes me sad to know that people feel like they don’t have options when it comes to how they choose to engage sexually with others.

 Casual sex, one night stands, fwb – these can all be fun. Or they can really suck. If you feel stuck in hook up culture with no options, this is for you.

Confronting Shame, Creating Empowerment

Part of the reason healing is such hard work is because we have to face up to the fact that we need to do some healing; which can bring up guilt, shame, frustration, anger – a lot of heavy emotions.

For me though, it also brings up hope because once I figure out what a problem is, I can tackle it.


What Is Flirting?

It looks like I got a bit ahead of myself.  Below, I’ll take a step back and talk about what flirting actually is and what it isn’t

Truthfully I’m hoping someone will disagree with me – I would love some discussion on this!

Improve your Flirt

Flirting is a great way to break the ice with people you find attractive, or even a fun way to pass waiting in a long lunch line.  Think your flirting could use a bit of a brush up?    Here’s my best tip to improve your flirting

Why is Entitlement key to Your Sexual Empowerment

Entitlement is a word with a bad rap, and there’s no question *over* entitlement creates problems; but so does an underdeveloped sense of entitlement!