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Being Gentle Vs Being Generous – Which Helps You More?

Exploring your sexuality is hard work.  Exploring your authenticity is hard work.  Both of these things kick up our fears an insecurities and I bet more than once you’ve heard a little voice in your head asking am I too much?  Will I ever met someone who wants me as I am?  Am I doing this whole thing wrong?  And the on top of those doubts we might give ourselves a double whammy by shaming our fears, telling ourselves that we shouldn’t be afraid of rejection or fearful that we can’t hack getting to the root of ourselves, or the worst:  If I was better, I wouldn’t be feeling this

And so we preach self care, and going slowly, and being gentle with ourselves.  But do we risk going too far with that message?  I’ve got more to say on that:

3 Tips to take the Fear out of Dating

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that dating is always the easiest thing – especially as you get older and meeting people in general becomes after.  But feeling anxious and stressed about dating doesn’t need to be your fate.  There are some incredibly simple things you can do to move yourself out of fear and take back your personal power.  Check out this short video below to learn more.


Thoughts vs Actions

Action without study is fatal.  Study without action is futile

– Mary Beard

It’s awesome to know what you want out of your sex life.  It’s awesome to know what you want to explore in terms of our sexuality — but what happens if you aren’t actually acting on your desires?

Asking for your fantasy

Because a sexuality empowerment coach means talking about anything you want to talk about; so when I was asked about how one goes about asking their partner to for a group sex fantasy, I had to give it my best answer.


True fact – this is my most viewed YouTube video.

So let’s talk “Healthy”

Throughout the month of January on my YouTube channel we’re talking about making healthy choices when it comes to our sexuality – and I hope by now  you know that means a lot more than knowing your STI status.


I’m pretty excited about where this is gonna go!

Youtube videos do make it up here eventually – but if you want first crack at them take a moment and subscribe directly to the channel.    Don’t forget you can also send in questions for me to answer each month

Is all fair in love and war?

Sometimes things get a little ranty around here….

How can we be more respectful, and really – more fairness into our sexplorations?

Q&A – Mismatched Sexpectations

What happens when what you want sexually isn’t what your partner wants?  In this viewer question we’ve got a person whose partner is okay with a little kink; but not as much as they have been hoping for….

Sex, Sexuality and Sexual Success

Curious about how these terms play into and influence each other?  Think sexuality equal sex and nothing more?

Sexuality is the topic this week – we’re mapping out just what that covers.



Think I missed anything or curious about interplay between spheres?  Feel free to ask away in the comments below!

Want a copy of the map?  Grab that here.



Q&A – How do I meet Someone?

Today we’re talking about how to meet people – and why it’s important to be clear about what we mean when we say meet

Ought vs Is

Oh my romantics – I feel for you, because I’m one of you.  I love spending time daydreaming about what could be when it comes to my sexual adventures, and what happily ever after could look like for me this week.

But sometimes my romantic nature can get the better of me and stop me from seeing, or dealing with what’s happening in front of me.  If you struggle with that too – watch on – I’ve got a challenge for you!

I hope you take me up on that challenge; and please comment about your experience so I know how you did!