About Authentic Sexual You:

Authentic Sexual You is the online home of Sexuality Empowerment Coach Heather Elizabeth.  Within these pages you’ll find her articles, musings, and the occasional rant on topics around sexuality, connection, authenticity, love, relationships, dating, erotic imagination, jealousy, self esteem…   – there’s a lot to talk about.


It’s also a place to find information about upcoming events and her practice; creating safe space for people to explore and connect to their authentic selves, open (or deepen) their erotic imagination, and work through things holding them back from the sexuality they want.

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Located near St. Clair West Station in Toronto, this practice is Kink-Aware, Poly-Friendly and strives to be anti-oppressive.

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About Heather:

Playground shotPassion has been one of the driving forces of my life for as long as I can remember.  When I was younger that translated into a flair for the dramatic, especially around imagination play.  As I grew, that drive of passion translated into a desire for knowledge, understanding, and connection – with people, places and things.  Geek?  Very.

I did a lot of traveling in the first two-thirds of my life, which feeds my desire for knowledge of places.  Libraries were like a second home becaue of all the things I could learn about there.  Here’s where I need to admit I can be a bit of an internet junkie – there is so much information (and so many adorable animals to be cooed over) sometimes it’s hard to put down the computer and go to bed.

People remain one of my greatest passions.  I’m fascinated by the what’s and how’s and why’s  of their actions and decisions.  Perhaps if I didn’t have a healthy fear of math instilled into me I would have been a sociologist.  Instead, I learn and connect with people in a less formal, more old fashioned kinda way – I listen; actively and compassionately.  I consider myself blessed that so many people have chosen to share themselves with me.

Hi there, I'm Heather!

When I’m not sharing adorable animal videos, thought provoking articles on sexuality, or decrying my lack of coffee on twitter (@misshc),  you can find me curled up with one of the few books I’ve got on the go, or riding the rocket to one event or another.

For an even better look at how and what I do, check out the blog;  in it you’ll find written and video posts that will help you get to know me even better.  You can also “Like” me on facebook.