Why Authenticity?

Authenticity is key to empowerment.   It’s knowing the core of what we really value, what we truly desire so that we can live a life that is in alignment with our truest selves.  Without that connection to the self we get cut off from our personal power.

So why sexual authenticity?  It’s simple really.  Sexuality is one of the most powerful spheres of control in our lives because it is so innately personal.  We do not have to explain ourselves for our sexuality, justify our sexuality or even share our sexuality unless we choose too.  That’s a unique opportunity for self-expression we don’t often get in this world – and yet there is still so much pressure to do all those things; to explain, to justify, to share.  We face a bombardment of external pressures telling us what we should want from relationships, or how we should behave sexually.  We might have grown up in a religious institution or family that viewed sex negatively and left us with a lot of shame.  We might have really been through experiences that left us hurting and hesitant to open ourselves up to the kind of vulnerability relationships require.  All these things can drive a wedge between us and our authentic sexuality.

Inauthentic sexuality costs us.  It costs us pleasure, freedom and connection.  It keeps us trapped in what we settle for instead of what we really want.  It causes us to doubt ourselves at an extremely basic level – and you can be sure that lack of trust radiates out into every aspect of our daily lives, whether that’s interacting with our partners, being confident at work or being at peace in our spirit.Kissing Shadows

The good news is that our past does not need to dictate out future.  We can take hold of our sexuality and realign it with our true personal values.  Shedding the scripts and lessons of our past that no longer serve us isn’t always easy work, but it is necessary.  Working to move through this challenges so you can step into the sexuality you’ve dreamed of – or haven’t dared to dream of – can be the most life changing gift you can give yourself.  My job is to walk with you through this work.