What is Authentic Sexuality?

Pink Sherbet Photography

Authentic sexuality is a sexuality defined by you, and created of your own desires.  It’s a rejection of sexuality based on what you think will win you the affections of someone else, or what anyone told you to be.  Authentic sexuality is knowing that sexuality is about so much more than sex – it’s aligning your identity, orientation, relationships, and behaviour with not only your desires, but also your values.

Why is knowing your authentic sexuality important?

In our lives we are bombarded with messages about what we should do, how we should do it, what we should want, and what we should value.  We’re told what’s good vs bad, what’s taboo vs normal – even what our relationship life plan should look like from a young age.  And the older we get, the stronger those messages are.  Sometimes, even when we are happy with what we have there’s a little voice in our head shaming us for not wanting more.

It’s almost like you can’t win for trying.

And that’s kind of the secret truth of life right there:   as long as you’re playing someone else’s game, you can never really win.

So stop playing their game.  Play your own instead!

Not actually sure what your game is?  That’s where I come in.